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Sebastian Clegg – “Believe” “Impact”

Sebastian Clegg is a rock artist, who was born in the Bay Area and moved to Maine as a young child. The region has influenced his love for nature and the music and poetry of the Civil Rights and Anti-War Movement. While at Columbia University, he developed a love for Beatnik poetry, which has continued to this day. A lot of his passions has gone on to inform his music today.

We will be reviewing two of his singles, “Believe” and “Impact.”

On “Believe,” synths come into this recording as some guitar strands rolls in. Clegg’s vocals are a low whisper. Though they are softly executed, the dynamism of his vocal style is amazing. He sings passionately and I loved his delivery. The emotional punch from his singing style and lyricisms is really awe-inspiring. I also liked the slow burning quality of this song.

On “Impact,” the sparse guitar riffs were really happening. Almost immediately, Clegg’s gritty vocal harmonies come in. I loved the hard rock and aggressive vibe to the sounds. It made for a compelling listening experience, which I loved. I found this track to be more accessible than the previous track. The energy of this song was also really great.

Clegg makes the type of music that you’ll find unforgettable. It’s just that Clegg has an amazing voice and it’s front and center in his tracks. Though oftentimes softly executed, it will grow on you. If these singles are any indicator, then listeners are in for a real treat once they give his full-length releases a try. Be sure you give this a spin today!

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