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A Fresh Banger From $am O just Dropped

A fresh banger from $am O has arrived and it's got a bright and vibrant tone with a crisp and edgy vibe that comes through with a hard hitting but alluring style that boasts attitude and character as an artist.

"On Us" is a killer track that goes straight to a unique and catchy chorus that feels impactful and memorable as the versus are smooth and sharp with a whipping tongue and smart lyrical phrasing.

The track has a danceable almost reggaeton undertone rhythmically and it shows a clear presence as an artist that makes you want to see him live in person simply because of this energy that bursts through on the single.

The single features synth strings and a deep groove along with $am O's flawless flow that has a fire behind it but still manages to have this almost laid-back feel at times that really has a way of attaching to you and not really letting you go for the duration of the song.

This was cool because it had a fresh sound, but it also combined this subtle aggressiveness and attitude with a chill vibe that created a certain energy for the chorus which made it all work so damn well it's ridiculous.

This single is paving the way for $am O to do his thing and do it his way and that's something worth listening to.

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