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sadact gets ready to Drop a fresh EP

An upcoming EP release from sadact delivers a lush electronic soundscape that blends elements of classic house, dance-pop, synth-pop, electronica, EDM, and even break beat, and it's all rolled into one endlessly fun and incredibly danceable record that has a wonderful way of blending old and new school vibes seamlessly.

The Stabiliser EP certainly both some nostalgic feels for me personally as I grew up with a lot of this kind of stuff but it's amazing how he uses particular synth and key sounds and approaches to create this aesthetic that blends the vintage with the fresh and it works like a charm.

You get some real 90s vibes throughout the course of this record but it also spins off these other textures and atmospheres that you're able to get into and they all have a way of complimenting each other in terms of the sounds being used and the textures being meshed together along with these great approaches that allow for swells and sways in the songs so that they feel like they're alive and breathing in a way.

You can clearly tell that this was 100% passion project from the artist and he's almost doing this as a love letter to his influences which is something that I absolutely adore.

Certain songs give you elements of trance and have a vaster undertone while other tracks have that classic pop undertone, and each track has a sort of persona of its own and comes from a different time or genre but the thing about a lot of these songs is that they blend two or three different genres into one when you're listening to them which is one of the most fun aspects about the record.

That has a real passion and love for this sort of craft and there's a lot of attention to detail being paid during the creation of these songs, but it never loses the character that it starts with in the first place and that may be the most important aspect of it all.

Each song has that persona that it's delivering and with each persona you get this different form of nostalgic undertone or, at least I do.

This was put together with a wonderful array of instrumentation that backend a lot of the classics and this felt good.

These songs have heavy-handed grooves, and you wouldn't be able to listen to this track without moving.

If you're driving, then you're shaking your butt and your seat, if you're at home, you are dancing around the living room but either way, you're having a damn good time and that's what this is all about.

This gives off all the right aesthetics and each one is completely nailed because this is what sadact was influenced by and the EP serves almost like an Ode to those influences which to me is quite beautiful.

Yes, he puts his own sort of spin on these tracks and while they may not be reinventing the wheel per se, they're really well done and the whole feel and atmosphere that you get is spot on the entire time.

I had a great time cranking this record and if you're into classic or even new school type of techno, since pop, dance-pop, house, breaks, or anything like that, then you're going to love this EP because it delivers all of that and more and does so with the charm.

The EP is set to release this Friday April 5th and should be out on all major platforms for streaming and download but while you wait, you should check out a lot of the artist's previous releases which you can catch on his Spotify page and there's plenty of great Tunes to soak in there as well.

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