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A California born, Tennessee based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, runnerthewriter’s music is a perfect blend of catchy, melodic, upbeat choruses that soar, having you ready to sing-along instantly, yet have a way of presenting a raw and vulnerable dive into the depths of heartache, anxiety, and loss in a way that relates to everyone. With the Debut of the first single & music video for “Sunset” out as of May 12th, 2023, which was followed by two powerful and emotional follow up singles, “MINE” & “My Deja Vu” which are sure to get stuck in your head, as well as a full length album entitled “The Hard Part” on the way, you can clearly see that runner may be a new name here, but is not going anywhere. Passion, drive, and motivation to connect with the audience thru music as well as seamlessly showing that we have all had our “hard parts” of life, and that beauty can come from the very things that almost destroy us is one powerful thing that runner will continue to bring.

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