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Richard berger Releases a Refreshing & Dreamy Indie-pop Track

A new single release from Richard Berger keeps you afloat with the ambient pop and smooth tones while an atmosphere surrounds you with textures and layers of dreamy soundscapes.

"Gone Gone Gone" is a personal song and breeds some gorgeous instrumentation and style as colors flow throughout its course.

Distant piano notes swim through the tracks ether and vocals give an R&B / indie-pop vibe but the whole thing feels like a summer sunset.

The jazz undertones show face and the crossover is a bit of a genre-bender but it all works without a hitch.

Richard Berger is an artist that has something a little new and different to offer up with each new release. He has been dropping music on Spotify since 2019 and there are some amazing tracks to be heard.

"Gone Gone Gone" brings in another new set of tones to his music and paints a fresh picture with a tasteful sultry and alluring approach that becomes pretty infectious.

Upon listening to the single you find yourself wanting more and you go searching.

This single is a mood setter for sure and it's got layers to be peeled back as the it has a way of creeping into your brain and playing those melodies in your head later on in the day.

This was an absolutely refreshing song and we highly suggest digging into Richard Berger's material starting with "Gone Gone Gone" .

You'll find plenty to add to your playlists without question.

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