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Renascentia Packs A Deep Rooted Punch With "Love Birds"

Renascentia is back to add a new single to their legacy of brutality and believe us, it's brutal.

"Love Birds" features massive deep and bending riffs that reach into your guts, pinpointed percussion and a sound that rattles the walls from the start.

Opening with pitch harmonics, a drilling beat and breaking into a half time feeling, ground pounding riff, the vocals tear right in and you can feel the skin on your face begin to melt.

This track is a planned attack and its emotion and power blasts through with a hard hitting, wake the fuck up style that honestly, leaves you craving more.

Don't get me wrong. You get enough of those riffs and the guts and glory behind Renascentia's songs and you're certainly not left without your fix. It's that empowerment you feel when blasting their songs. You miss it when it's gone.

This track has metal swagger like crazy. The guitars are gripping and winding and it must be a drop B or even drop C cause those riffs are waking once slumbering creatures at the bottom of the ocean.

But it's not just the guitars obviously. It's everything, bass, vocals, drumming. It all comes together with such a natural and wrenching style and they just make it look so damn easy.

You almost imagine them at the studio going "hey check out this riff" and the drummer starts in, the bass turns up, and then the singer walks in from outside and picks up the mic. It all flows together with an awesome energy.

Of course, it probably doesn't go quite like that but it's fun to imagine. And if you watch the video for "Love Birds" it almost seems like it's true.

Now vocally you know all these songs are coming from some place that gives drive. He's pulling from somewhere to get that to come out and it works damn well.

This was one of the bands best yet hands down.

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