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R3HAB Remixes RIP Youth for one hell of a single

R3HAB returns with another killer remix and this time it's of a song from RIP Youth and it's a really clean and driving vibe that combines itself with some smooth and vast soundscapes, swelling synth pads and an unforgettable chorus that makes you want to shake your ass in your seat.

The "It's A Vibe (R3HAB Remix)" is an absolute banger and it's got more builds and explosive climaxes than you can imagine as the track calms and works its way back into a bright and sonic presence.

They synth hook is ridiculously catchy and the vocal for the chorus is stellar, and this track really makes you want to get going. I guess that's why this is the Peloton edit.

The song is outstanding for a good workout as it gets the blood pumping and gets the heart racing enough for you to have that go gettem attitude.

This single will certainly let you push a little harder than before and it works on so many levels.

It's perfect for the club or for a run, or for a drive. It's got a killer groove and it has a way of sticking in your head for quite some time.

The release has a perfected feel and there was plenty of attention to detail here. It seems R3HAB has a way with knowing when and where to create builds and make tracks more intense.

His work in remixing is incredibly satiating and you can't help but want to get up and dance to his stuff.

Of course, RIP Youth is to thank for this because the song itself, vocally and arrangement was quite attractive and feels very current and radio friendly to say the least.

Here's to another banger of a remix from R3HAB and RIP Youth!

RIP Youth

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