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President Street Releases a Classic R&B Single

A new single release from President Street brings a smooth R&B tonality and a deepening and almost classic approach with an outstanding hook and a touch of retro vibes from the beat to the vocals.

"Heal" was an empowering single that talks about moving forward, letting go, and making your life your own again. It's about getting passed a struggle and reclaiming yourself and it feels great.

This track is pretty damn relatable and it's the music of it that makes it whole. The beat is early 200's or late 90's really and the vocals are lush and robust but alluring and crisp.

You get a cinematic feel from the track, and you get an undertone of bring found after being lost.

The single also comes with a great music video that really compliments the song well and has its own cinematic feel that leaves certain aspects to be interpreted as you wish.

And that's what's so great about songs like this. You take it as it is and relate to it in terms of your own life and point of view. It's amazing when songs like this become yours. They cause your own memories and thoughts to pop in your head even when you don't expect it.

One of the best things about this single is the nearly perfect throw back R&B feel and how the music and vocals are both nailed in that aspect.

The aesthetic is there in full and it's so good to hear.

This was most enjoyable, but we do suggest watching the video as it really plays out well with the sing itself.

This was a wonderful piece of work all around and for fans of old and new school R&B jams, this is for them.

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