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President Street brings a heavy groove with a new single

A super fresh groove from President Street gives off that vintage funk undertone with classic guitar tones, walking funk bass lines, a beat you can't get away from, and soulful vocals that come through with an empowering feel.

"Tell me Brother" takes on a heavy-handed groove that makes you absolutely have to get up and shake your butt to the beat and it also has a pretty important message as well.

It feels relatable and with a colorful delivery as well from the band as the instrumentation comes through with a lushness and totally genuine approach.

President Street has a knack for coming at you with surprising twists and turns half the time and this single is no exception to that rule.

They cover plenty of ground and genres within their release range and they do it with a flare and class you don't get to hear often.

This track boasts a crisp and clean tonality and still bears plenty of soul and pop with a strong soundscape that feels tight and perfected but still with a liveliness you can't deny.

What's really cool about President Street is that you can start to expect the unexpected. You never know what they'll hit you with next, but you do know it'll be good and that you can count on.

It's like they write and record what they are feeling at the moment. Whatever style they want, and it works all too well.

This is more than worth checking out and while you're at it, you might as well get into the rest of their library because it you dig this track, you'll likely dig them all. Or at least most of them.

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