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PJ Ferguson & The Tennessee Strange

Let's Get Strange Strange encompasses marching to your own beat, authenticity and taking risks. PJ Ferguson has been doing that his entire life. “Music is all I’ve ever really known,” he says, writing music that is from the heart, meaningful to him. Playing in barrooms and clubs since he was 14-years-old, PJ has never let up on pursuing music as his passion and his career. Since 2013, he has played 200+ shows per year, singing to audiences in Upstate NY until he made the move to Nashville, TN in 2020. In Nashville, PJ has entertained thousands on Broadway, playing close to 1,000 shows since moving there. While the stage is his home, writing, recording and performing his original music is the catalyst that keeps him driving forward. His music encompasses several genres, combining elements of americana, roots-rock, traditional country and psychedelic rock, reflecting an overall retro-vibe. PJ’s biggest influences include Tom Petty, David Bowie, The Doors and The Grateful Dead. These influences appear throughout his work, with his vocal prowess ranging from a matter of fact delivery ala David Bryne, to a crisp powerful falsetto with moments of Bowie, Bob Dylan and Chris Robinson shining through. The Tennessee Strange is a new band, featuring former Flying Buffaloes Tommy Leland and Brandon Cantwell on electric guitar and bass, with drums and saxophone rounding out the instrumentation. PJ's latest single, "Don't Tell Me What to Play," released in January 2024, garnered over 20,000 views on its music video in the first 48 hours. Currently in the studio, PJ is working on a new original album that is set to be released this year.

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