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Pilot Run Comes In Swinging With An Outstanding Alt-Rock Masterpiece

Pilot Run just gave us a new EP and it's a massive display of melodic thrash. hardcore, and pop-punk mixed together for a colorful and edgy rock record that should be absolutely cranked from song one.

The Faces Are Hard To Find EP has a killer sonic tone to it and creates a huge soundscape with endless energy and some sweet effects on the guitar along with chant along choruses you can get up and rock to anywhere you are.

You can hear elements of underground alt-rock in the vein of bands like At The Drive In peeking through from time to time and the band certainly isn't afraid to hit on some Dillinger Escape Plan breakdowns and augmented chords.

This is clearly the type of band that needs every member to get the sound they have. Deep fuzztones and belting vocals that give off a Brand New feeling.

The EP has plenty of hooks especially vocally and also lots of lighter in the air moments all done with passion and gusto.

This record has a seasoned musician feel with a youthful energy and an invasively vibrant sound.

There isn't much not to love about this release and this band honestly. Everything is produced ultra well with a bright polish and there are a number of excellent styles of hard rock rolled up into one banger of a record it's almost ridiculous (in a great way).

You will get engulfed by this EP and become quickly addicted to the sound of it all as not a single song lets you down even for a second.

Dig into this one, you'll love it.


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