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NOLLE released an alternative ballad that keeps you afloat with the sound

NOLLE just released an sultry and alternative single that crawls under your skin in all th ebest ways and sticks with you.

"Congratulations" is a personal and somber feeling track with almost haunting vocals that float through the songs atmosphere and sounds beautiful.

The single gives off an underground alt-rock 90's tonality that of which artists like PJ Harvey or Mazzy Star would give.

Guitar driven and with pleasant changes, the song features some gorgeous and unexpected melodies that surprise and keep you floating just above the ground the entire time.

There are jazz undertones and plenty of passion and heart behind the song as it unravels and you become engulfed in its sound and aesthetic.

The song is almost theatrical in its own right. It has a certain set of textures to it that meld together to create something that has a soft but edgy sound and lets you sort of wash away with it all.

"Congratulations" comes from someplace real and that shows in the song and helps it shine.

The song is the latest in a string of outstanding singles released from NOLLE since last year and each one has something a little different to offer.

These are songs built from emotion and driven from a youthful and ultra creative outlet.

We could use more artists like NOLLE and we strongly suggest digging into "Congratulations", but also checking out her previous works as most are more than playlist worthy.

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