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Natalie Gelman hits the mark a little too well with "2020"

Songwriter Natalie Gelman just dropped a song we all really needed.

The single dubbed "2020" is one account of a personal 2020 experience that makes more sense than you think.

The track is an up swing pop song backed with acoustic guitars and laxed pop beats to accompany her soulful vocal style.

Can we undo 2020 in 2021? Do any of us know? We don't but damn this song really helps.

It's colorful and descriptive style hits the nail on the head in so many ways and the track is incredibly catchy and addictive to boot.

You can hear the humor, you can hear the heart, and you can hear the outlet shine through and it all comes together without a hitch.

What's just as good or almost even better is the music video for "2020" which puts her alluring and loving character on display in all the best ways.

There are so many times during this video that you sit back and go "Oh my god yes".

A great song, a statement for the times or for the year at least, and a killer video.

Watch this now.

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