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Mylo Bybee Release Premiere

A brand new release from Mylo Bybee brings out a fiery alternative rock banger that comes with the secondary counterpart as well and both hit that sweet spot between a high energy indie rock, slight touches of punk, and this classic almost emo rock style.

"Master and Machine" comes in swinging with an unstoppable energy and some outstanding guitar work along with drumming that's out of hand but perfectly done.

As a matter of fact, this is one of those bands where the drummer has a major part in how both of the songs sound and feel because the percussion is not only the driving element behind everything, but it adds so much excitable energy and always in exactly the right spots.

These guys are super fun, and you get this youthful feeling listening to them and part of that I think is because it has a little bit of that nostalgic emo rock feel but it's also so complex at times or at least it feels that way and through all of that they're able to create these catchy parts that stay with you.

Personally, I think I might dig the second track even better than the first which is called "Fade Me Out" as it has a bouncier rhythm to it and tends to get your body moving quicker.

Both songs have a little bit of a different approach to them, but that stable feel is always there as well as the soul that the band carries with them throughout the course of the songs.

These guys love what they're doing which is more than obvious and that is one of the most potent aspects of these tracks.

They come through energized and with a certain shine to them because the band performs them with such a heavy presence.

Comes through with these wonderfully wild tendencies but everything also is arranged and delivered with just what it needs to in order to come through the way it was supposed to.

There is that relentless energy mixed in with this really high level of musicianship and that's something that allows you to kind of soak the songs in a certain way.

When you get a chance to, check this out because it was just released today, and we were lucky enough to be able to premiere these singles here so when you're telling your friends about them make sure you let them know where you found them.

Mylo Bybee is the kind of band to keep an eye on.

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