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Monster Planet

Listen to "Lover Girl," the Debut Track from Monster Planet The Kansas City-based project makes a powerful, melodic, and unrestrained debut. Musician, composer, and producer Julia Desimone is back on the alternative scene, introducing her new musical project under the name Monster Planet. She does so impressively with her first single, radiating powerful energy born from a precise conjunction of sound and instrumental elements like guitars, drums, and synthesizers. This perfect combination, coupled with Desimone's melodious and nostalgic voice, takes us on a delightful journey, connecting us with a tide of emotions from start to finish. The composition, recording, and production of "Lover Girl" were entirely handled by Julia Desimone, who embarked on this new adventure to confirm her potential and talent as a musician and producer. The result is this first single after months of hard work and learning. "Lover Girl" is a new manifesto of contemporary indie, born from the artist's heart, for the hearts and ears of an audience seeking a temporary refuge in this track. In the coming months, we will hear more music from Monster Planet. In the meantime, let's continue enjoying "Lover Girl," their debut track.

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