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Influenced by the soul of Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Elton John and the sensitive storytelling of artists like James Taylor and Carole King, MATIA was captivated by music at the age of six. By 14 she was gigging on a professional level, appearing in such prestigious places such as the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.,. Then, serious illness led her down a different road and a long detour away from her music. Voiceless and challenged with a severe condition, Matia struggled for her life but grew stronger, deeper and wiser in the process. After healing herself through education and hard work, and dedicating many years to educating and healing others, she re emerged as a serious singer/songwriter, sharing her musical gifts with the help of veteran composer/guitarist/producer, Kenny Mazur, who played and recorded with such diverse artists as Robert Palmer ,Tina Turner., the O Jays and the Paul Winter Consort and has been composing for television for many years. MATIA has released two albums, Blind and There Is Love and is now releasing a series of singles, the first of which is titled Children (the video is on Youtube) Matia Music. She has been featured at Brittfest, Country Crossings, and House Of Blues capturing audiences with her cross genre writing style. Her compelling story was also featured on the podcast Create Like A Mother, which now can be found on her website, Matia is a huge animal and human rights activist, her heart is the only thing larger than her music and that is what you hear when you listen to her. Don't miss out on this artist.

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