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Madzilla "Your nemesis" Video Premier

Madzilla is back again with a new ripping single called "Your nemesis" and it portrays all the things we love most about Madzilla all rolled into one killer track complete with that fierce guitar tone and riffs, ground rumbling sounds, and that gritty melodic vocal that defines that band so well.

The world premier today is for the video for the song and it's pretty much just as cool as the song itself as you get shots of the band rocking out under neon lights in narrow halls and on massive stages which is always a plus cause these guys have ridiculous energy on a stage.

The coolest thing though, is the animated scenes you get to watch throughout the video. The animated parts have this real classic 90's Aeon Flux styles to them and it works so well with the song its nuts.

The scenes get action packed and then quite gory as a creature tears up some people especially during the end of the song which by the way is an incredible guitar solo section that looks like it's played on a 7 string guitar.

Could be wrong about the 7-string thing but the neck looked fat, and it seemed like there were more than the normal amount of strings on that.

Either way it's insane and so is this song and video!


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