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Madzilla World Premier Of "Raging Madness"

Classic thrash metal comes through with Madzilla's newest release "Raging Madness" and it beckons some of the classics from Slayer to Metallica.

The track comes straight in with a sick deepened drop tuned riff and the thrashing rolls on from there.

In true Madzilla style the song rips into a melodic and belting chorus that just gets you jumping.

This song has endless energy and some awesome guitar harmony driven sections along with that grueling vocal and lighting fast drum fills and all done with a precision only good metal can give.

The video features the band rocking in the desert and the and is completely feeling the performance.

The lead solo sounds like a Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) piece and these guys never lose an ounce of drive even when the songs have such a massive energy level.

Once again, Madzilla doesn't let down, never fails, and always kicks you in the balls from start to finish.

Start your day with this song. It'll get you up and moving for sure!

Here is the video premier for "Raging Madness" below!

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