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MadzillA Premiers "Asphyxiating Cries"

Madzilla has graced us with another banging single that tears it up right out of the gate with classic metal riffage, pitch harmonics and the bands usual love for what they do.

"Asphyxiating Cries" flows along with the Madzilla sound of double kicks, melodic vocals, and grueling pit worthy sound.

These guys never cease to amaze and their combination of classic and fresh metal styles is always accompanied by their flawless technique and hardcore energy.

This time we get a video that shows them laying the track down and it's even more impressive watching them do their thing from bass to drums to their crazy guitar soloing.

Bang your heads with Madzilla and watch their sonic presence reign rulers.

Upon watching this video you'll be dying to see them live and it's maybe the closest thing we've got to it for now anyway.

A damn killer time with this band is always welcome with us and Madzilla never let's us or any fans of metal down.

As a matter of fact, they give us something awesome to look forward to and the more it happens the happier we are to spread the word that these guys are still crushing it with every new release they put out there.


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