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Madzilla Drops "Endless Damnation" Single And Video

Madzilla is back once again with another brutal and melodically driven track that bleeds out bands like Maiden, Slayer, and plenty more.

"Endless damnation" is a huge chorus with vocal harmonies that give the entire song and anthemic power and before you know it, you get pitch perfect lead guitars as percussion is performed with life and energy (along with precision).

This track has a touch of a different feel for the band to go along with their staple and signature feels.

"Endless Damnation" feels like Madzilla has hit this arena rock level and the video for the single showcases the bands presence as guitars are swept and screeched with the greatest of east but with the upmost passion.

Madzilla loves to play and it shines through 100% of the time. It's like all the members wake up singing, playing guitar, shredding bass, and drumming at the kitchen table for breakfast.

These guys have been at it and have been loving it since the beginning and with new singles dropped all the time, each one getting better and better, it's quite fun to see what will happen next with them.

They never fail, they never let up, and never bore. Madzilla is one of those bands that should teach other metal bands how to do it right .

But I digress. Check out the new video for "Endless Damnation" and bang your head.

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