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Mad Painter Delivers A Pure Rock Sound With A New Album

If you're not too familiar with the rock world of Mad Painter, then let us be among the first to introduce you because the most recent album dubbed Splashed, feels like something of a rock masterpiece as songs jump out at you with I heavily cinematic approach and a real classic rock drive.

This record never ceases to amaze, song after song because each track has a little bit of a different vibe than the one before, but they all seem to tell these sorts of stories almost like scenes of a play which again, brings me back to the whole theatrical tonality of the thing.

The energy displayed on this record is raw and alive which helps the album come through with this vivacious color.

There are a lot of surprises around the corners of this record and this is something that lets you begin to expect the unexpected at times, and there is a huge array of rock guitar riffs and thick-laid organs that, in combination, help these songs deliver an aesthetic that ends up being a world of its own but still with this familiar backbone like you've been listening to some of these songs on the radio for decades.

The vocals during the span of the release are very robust and have a massive persona that you find yourself getting attached to quite quickly and this is an attribute that I adore because in a way this feels almost like a bit of a concept album.

A lot of these songs have a particular way of grabbing your attention and telling you these tales of sorts but it's all something that speaks volumes for the band because the record never loses its steam.

Upon listening to this album, I went over to the website for Mad Painter and I'm glad I did because they gave me a lot of information, and not only that, but I was able to watch a few videos for some of the songs off of this album and this enlightened me to something I didn't realize before.

Watching the video for one of my favorite tracks and the first song on the record called "Illusion" made it look like one man was doing multiple performances instrumentally.

Now, I do realize that this is a full band effort but maybe it's something that grew into that yet started as a solo project of sorts.

I can't be sure of that but I would suggest jumping over to the website so you can check out some of these videos because they also deliver the importance of certain elements of these songs like the organ and keys for example.

Especially in a song like "Illusion", the keys and organ sections are a huge chunk of the rhythm section but also some fun lead parts as well so the keys in general are just an optimal part of the staple sound of this band.

This album was really big, and I don't just mean lengthwise, I mean songwriting-wise and performance-wise.

I am going to give this a 9 out of 10 in terms of incredible creativity and effort into opposition, and performance especially.

But don't take it for me, pop the record on and turn it up.

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