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Lost In Silence Crushes Again With "Rest In Peace" Music Video

Lost In Silence just dropped a new single that hits a heavy melodic alternative rock sweet spot with memorable choruses, spacey lead guitars and changes that make the hairs on your arms stand up.

"Rest In Peace" is a alive with passion flowing through its veins and hooks that stick with you.

The track doesn't let up even for a second and you find yourself waiting for certain parts to hit again and again because it's just so addicting to hear.

Everything is done with everything they've got and it pays off as the song has a major radio feel and a huge appeal for anyone with a taste for rock music.

The single has it's heavier moments but is really focused on that driving melody and gigantic rock sound that puts them in a whole different ball game.

Lost In Silence always puts out songs that make you rise up, sing along, and bang your head but this one takes the cake in terms of anthemic power.

The video for "Rest In Peace" is as good as the song itself and takes through a story as the song itself does.

Emotion shows through in both and it all ends up pretty damn epic.

The video is below for your viewing pleasure. Turn it up.

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