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lor2mg Gives Us A Massive Album

A new album release from lor2mg brings out an incredible vastness in the form of a rock shoegaze soundscape that comes through with a cinematic backbone and a balance of both character and edge while songs come through with haunting undertones and a certain kind of honesty that ends up being incredibly refreshing especially in a genre like this one.

The daisies album has plenty of layers that you can peel back as you listen through the record and one of my favorite aspects about this whole thing is it's massive form of escapism that it provides for the listener.

This is the kind of record that you forget your surroundings while listening to because you're too busy getting in golfed by this record and then in the end, getting washed away with it as well.

The guitar tones are spot on and the combination of the harsh and feedback-riddled guitars balanced with these beautiful vocals at times that almost feel and sound angelic and floating, is an absolutely wonderous combination and gives the record an almost fantastical tonality.

There's something undeniably graceful about this album and the more you listen to it the deeper in you fall.

As you fall through this other world and these different stories, you are able to almost visualize certain things and this is mostly just due to the textures of the music and how they arrange everything to mend and melt together the way they do.

It's all actually quite beautiful and it's something that makes you think and can make you feel that's what music like this is for.

I definitely think we need more music that lets you feel something and that can create memories of your own to pop into your head at random the way this record does.

There are a few tracks here that stick out as singles for sure but this is the kind of album that you're supposed to listen to from beginning to end to experience it and soak it in properly.

There is no one Singular genre that this record is and the songs on it serve almost like chapters in a book and once you dive into this, swimming through it feels amazing.

I would heavily suggest listening to this with a pair of headphones on and some time on your hands.

I did it late at night glass of whiskey and it was an awesome experience.

This is the kind of release that you wish you had on a vinyl record.

This project was inventive, honest, forward-moving, progressive, and riddled with character from beginning to end.

I would definitely give this a 9 out of 10 to say the least especially in terms of a hard-hitting shoegaze record that incorporates alternative rock, indie rock, garage, and even metal at times.

Check this out as soon as you get a chance and make sure there's nothing around to interrupt it.

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