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LIKE WHAT Drops A New Album

If you're not yet too familiar with Like What, then let us be among the first to introduce you because the project just put out an album that reaches into a distant synth and dance-pop genre that is bordered with bits of darkness but just enough to serve as a love letter to the bands that helped influence the genre in the first place.

The album is dubbed Unpunctuated and really does manage to take you on quite large musical journeys all while keeping you engaged with keys and synthesizers that have a somewhat vintage feel.

There is a lot of Storytelling and that's always been a part of the genre but Like What does it in a way that snatches up your attention pretty fast and gets you listening to not only these dance grooves but what the story is, and it gives you a sense of where the artist is actually coming from each time.

The textural and sonic sound has a way of being impactful but somewhat floating at the same time.

We'd love to know what keyboards or patches were used in the making of this record because those sounds are a major key to how this record comes across and was created from the ground up.

"After releasing my first album 'Avant-Garde', I felt more confident with the musical direction I was aiming for on the next album. So in this sense recording 'Unpunctuated' was a bit easier than the first releases. And I think this confidence is clearly there: a clearer, more coherent concept and production.

My main inspiration is cinema - mostly horror and film noir. These are movies with stark imagery, which can trigger a lot of emotions. I am trying to paint these images with very few words and let the music do the rest." - Like What

We easily give this record an 8 out of 10 so if you get a chance, definitely dive into this one.

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