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Let The Wolves Speak "Underwater" Premier

Let The Wolves Speak returns with a massive heavy hitter that comes right in with thrash metal and grueling vocals as guitars and drums shred without letting up for one second.

"Underwater" is brutal in all the best ways possible. Great breakdowns with deepened trudging riffs and fist swinging power along with the multi-screaming and kick drum explosions create one face melting single.

This track is pure metal bliss from the first few seconds and that ultra-energy holds steady right up through that last half time ground shaking few seconds.

These guys just get in there and tear things up giving any metal fans exactly what they want.

Bringing several sub-genres into play, the band let's loose and it all makes you feel as though you've been missing out until now.

Let The Wolves Speak sounds like the type of band you want to see play a show. Just to see if it's as heavy as it is on record. I bet it is though. The record is absolutely blistering and that all stems from the band cooking up these head bangers during rehearsals most likely.

When the track is over you want to hit play again just to feel that energy and that raw ferociousness it spews.

It helps you feel in general and that always makes for great music.

The single comes with a 90's retro style visualizer that seems as haunting as the song itself in a way. You can check that out below.

Get down with Let The Wolves Speak as soon as possible.

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