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Let The Soul Rock Take Over With Left On The Dial

The spanking new EP release from Left On The Dial is a damn good time.

A soulful romp through a gambit of rock styles, the Broadcast EP has more heart than your mom at Christmas.

This record has a loose indie-rock style mixing in some folk rock, punk , and classic rock all together to make something with endless fun and a perfect energy.

Vocals come through passionate and with just the right amount of grit and gusto to accompany the bands hard grooves and bluesy attitude.

Best thing is each track has a great hook and life of its own, but the EP as a whole is a solid sing along roll in the hay.

There are times that you can hear a southern style underneath the surface and others where you can hear a 90's radio rock style shine through the edges of songs.

This is one killer EP from a band that sounds like this sure as hell isn't their first rodeo.

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