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Left Lane Gives Us a Colorfully Edgy Single

A new single from Left Lane delivers a really unique approach to creating a pop-rock single using an almost dreamy and vast undertone to create an atmosphere but also bringing the colorful aspects to the forefront making things catchy and building this character that you end up loving almost immediately.

"Salted Caramel Macaroon" is dripping with energy that lets things feel alive and breathing almost like this track was recorded live on the floor and the players were feeding off of each other the entire time.

There's something about it that gives you the vibe of a live performance and the combination of the vocals being sort of soft with the music having an edginess to it complement each other and that's something that I adore because bringing those textures together either works or doesn't, and here it works like a charm.

The guitar work on this track was outstanding and they both give you that impactful punch with a heavy sonically driving feel but it also can have a floating and drifting effect as well depending on what the vibe of the given part is and that's such a brilliant approach to the arrangement of the song not to mention, there are parts with the song just completely switches rhythmic timing and goes almost swing for a minute during this massive bridge section.

The whole track just has this flow to it that gives it a very unique appeal and the blending of styles, genres, textures, and more really do create that atmosphere that you simply don't want to leave.

It's very easy to be engulfed by this track and it feels good as well, but I think it's the fact that the song feels like more of an experience than just a song that really grabs you.

You can tell everyone having a ball and each member brings a little bit of their own influence to the table when it comes to musical preference and style however, the mix of the song is really impressive and is one of the things that hits me the hardest just because I know about audio engineering and being able to create the soundscape that this band wanted to do in terms of mixing a song, isn't always easy.

Don't get me wrong, the bank creates its own vastness and unique soundscape on its own, but mixing a song like this is really important to keep the aesthetic of what the band wants, and this mix was so perfectly done.

If I were Left Lane, I'd be really happy with how this came out.

There's also something a little bit cinematic about this track and I like that as well because there are really big sort of jam sections in there where you're getting a vibe for the experimental side of how they write songs and they certainly are releasing music that has fewer boundaries than their predecessors which is something I adore.

I love hearing music that kind of makes you think and certainly delivers a few surprises around the corners because that shows a certain kind of drive for being ultra creative and not holding anything back in terms of writing songs and music.

This band is not conforming to a specific genre or approach.

They're not cookie-cutter whatsoever.

They're doing things on their own terms, and their own way, and because of that they're paving a certain kind of path musically that will indeed make them something that stands out.

This was an awesome track and anyone who's into experimental, garage, psychedelic, alternative, grunge, or any other kind of rock that you can think of that's not metal, should love this track.

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