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Lea Kay warms up your day with her soul-pop infusion

A fresh one dropped from Lea Kay is a hypnotic pop song fueled with soul and a deep and refreshing groove.

"The More I Learn" is a bright and endlessly fun track that gives off elements of funk, disco, and some major pop hooks.

This is a feel good, danceable single that's meant to start your day in a positive mood as the percussion makes you move, vocals shine with love and passion, and the whole thing just has a wonderful polish to it.

It's seriously impossible not to smile, get up and start shaking your butt to this song and it's amazingly laced with so much heart that its quickly infectious inspirational vibe warms you right up.

"The More I Learn" comes with a lovely music video that shows even more of the artists character and creative flare.

The track features Nick Richards for a segment and he easily keeps the right feel going as the song plays out.

This is an outstanding and addictive pop single that feels like youthful energy but done with a mature approach and it all comes together smoothly.

Clearly, Lea Kay is one to look out for this year as we expect she'll have some more coming our way, and we can't wait for it.

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