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Kamalzi Releases A Conscious Hip Hop Bomb

A fresh banger from Kamalzi is a brutally honest and straight forward conscious rap track that has a way of invading your own inner thoughts and it all comes at you so fast you start to really feel like this release was meant for you.

"Grit" is beautifully woven and built as the chorus really digs in and the verses have a way of automatically connecting with you in ways you wouldn't expect.

Kamalzi is a truth seeker and a truth speaker and the more you dive into this single the more you get attached and start getting it at a whole different level.

This track has layers and it's best peeled back one by one and done through listening a few times so you can really catch everything you were meant to.

There was a great power behind this song, and it was emotionally driven to as it leans towards an existentialism factor.

Now, the flow, the rapping itself was awesome.

Kamalzi has a natural freeing style that feels as though the words just fall right into place and the whole thing is performed with a passion and energy that the song needed to come through properly.

This is an artist that puts a lot into his craft. Thought, intricacies, and real meaning and purpose.

Kamalzi is one to watch for sure.

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