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John Wroath Sends A Heavy Message With "All That Matters In The End"

John Wroath isn't new to releasing songs. His latest single is a perfect example of an experienced songwriter letting it all out.

"All That Matters In The End" is an endlessly catchy tune with nothing but hooks hooks and more hooks. It's pretty impressive honestly. His brutal honesty is out on the forefront for everyone to read right into and that's part of what makes this track so damn good.

This is a song with a major message and it's done in such a way that reminds you of artists like Roy Orbison. The song grows and swells with heart and becomes a shining beacon of classic rock with heavy pop overtones.

Like we said, this isn't John's first rodeo by any means. "All That Matters In The End" is part of a set of songs released this year and each one with a full and vibrant sound that varies from the last.

Songs like 'The Yellow Girl" touch on a contemporary style with jazzy undertones and quite a descriptive lyrical story.

Wroath is certainly able to paint a picture with his music and it's easy to see.

The artist has tons of fun doing his thing and you can literally hear it in every single track.

We suggest really digging into his catalog. John Wroath is a keeper.

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