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Jobe Woosley & Co. Deliver An Honest LP

If you're not yet too familiar with the sounds of Jobe Woosley & Co. then let us be among the first to introduce you as the band has recently dropped an LP that has a very warm approach and wonderfully drifting guitar tones and sections that have a particular way of wrapping themselves around you and keeping you right where they want to.

The album ends up having quite a widespread instrumentality and the sounds on the release are expansive but there is truly a kind of honesty to it all while you go through the songs and find yourself relating to the things that are being said.

Some layers can be peeled back and as you dig through the record you get elements of classic folk influence, rock, and progressive, and at times songs can be depicted with such detail lyrically that you're able to picture situations in your head.

There always seems to be a gorgeous and smooth approach and tone to a lot of the songs along with this forward-moving flow that lets you flow right alongside it.

You hear some vintage songwriting during a lot of this LP and the is outstanding through and through with both acoustic and electric performances that have love embedded in them along with some great technical ability and a wholesome catchiness.

A lot of these songs just let you in and I dig that job is letting feelings, emotions, and thoughts come through the way he does in these songs so that whoever is listening can pick up on everything that's happening.

There were a few songs where his thoughts were so blunt and laid out that it felt like the song was written just for you even though you know it wasn't.

This record was produced very well and at times you have these bigger productions with what sound like cellos, keys, bells, accordions even.

Now, I'm not always a master at pinpointing exact instruments but that's what it sounds like to me and it gives the songs that include them this more robust sound.

This LP was like reading someone's diary for me as it does let you into inner thoughts in personality so what more can you ask for from a record that has this much to give really.

If you are someone who loves songs that have meaning behind them and come from places that were real, experiences or emotions then this record is certainly for you.

A beautiful record that, in a way, feels like a hug from a loved one, listen to the Return to Saturn album from Jobe Woosley & Co.

*Produced by Tyler Fortier

*Mastered by Ethereal Mastering 

*Album Art by Julia Moran Studio

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