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Jeffrey Dallet and His Band Release an Album

Jeffrey Dallet and his band recently released a full-length album called Acid Tongue and it has a way of pinpointing these incredibly classic rock styles and weaving them into something a little bit different each time.

The songs on the record each have their own meaning and sometimes it's a little humorous but sometimes it's a little bit more serious.

Either way, you get real-deal rock songs that kind of make you think because a lot of them have a certain kind of message behind them.

Some of these even feel like you've been listening to them on the radio for years now because they have that familiar soundscape behind them and really catchy choruses.

There are plenty of soaring guitars on the record that display years of musicianship and songwriting.

"This record came about from years of observing and experiencing this thing called loneliness. I had written the songs over a period of time, and our band at the time did a fantastic job of filling in the colorful additions to help the songs come to life. People have told me it's a pretty dark record, but as you said there is still humor in that darkness, and I think there's hope in there as well." - Jeffrey Dallet

Or actual fans of authentic classic rock this is a must-listen.

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