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Jeán et Joie

Jeán et Joie is the lyrical child of artist and songwriter, Grey Jeán. Their music can be described as mournful folk with a hopeful glow. Their songs combine simple instrumentals and poetic, stream-of-consciousness style storytelling. Common themes can be found throughout each piece of music: celestial realities and the natural world, lived experience and a strong sense of emotional integrity. Grey Jeán grew in a household surrounded by music. Their three sisters shared their immense talents through angelic harmonies and polyphonic hymns drawn from the Catholic faith in which they were raised. Grey began using their voice to express and to write their own music while navigating a challenging teenage experience living at home in Mountain Home, Arkansas. They carried the power of song forward into every chapter, first in choirs, then open mic nights, and later into live performances and virtual concerts during the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021, Grey played and wrote piano pieces for the San Diego punk blues band, Teeming Dreams, and in 2022 formed Jeán et Joie as a début of their growing personal repertoire. The band has been playing and recording together since Grey and their fiancé Gabrielle Néla teamed up with the drummer, guitar duo Ikaika and Dash from the LA band, Flamango Bay. They have since moved to North Carolina and are building a presence back in the forests and woods where Grey first discovered their musical identity. Their upcoming EP Bramble is set to release in 2023, preceded by singles: Glory Be and Fried Rice.

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