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Its Flaco Hits The Mark With Feels Like Summer

Its Flaco just dropped a huge album dubbed Feels Like Summer and it's youthful fire hits with a gusto.

The album runs the gambit of bright and slick hip hop lyrical phrasing and catchy hooks left and right. With influences both old and new school coming through on each track.

"Money On My Mind" is a near perfect radio single and raves on without letting up even for a second. This is one of those songs that gets stuck in your head and when we say crossing old and new school styles together, this is a perfect example. ​

But this is one of the staples of Its Flaco.

There is a freshness to each song but also something familiar about them too.

"365" utilizes some classic 90's rap rules to hit the mark and gets pulled off insanely well.

This is a great album all around and there is something for everyone to pop on a playlist or two.

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