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Indigos release a rock romp with "Always.Whenever."

Indigos hits the ground running with their new single "Always.Whenever."

The song has tons of swagger and style as it rocks on with a bright sonic tone and classic rock songwriting style.

This track has a pop-rock feel with alternative edge and incredibly catchy songwriting.

"Always.Whenever." has a raw energy that becomes quickly contagious and draws its drive from an almost 70's punk rock attitude while still feeling like it has some 90's radio rock influence at the same time.

The single is packed with musical and vocal hooks and delivers a punch all with a freeing feeling.

Something tells me there's more than meets the eye with this band. Maybe it's made up od seasoned musicians that have been writing songs for years.

There is heart infused into the song at its core and you can tell the song was influenced by a ton of amazing bands these guys listened to growing up. It's as if this song is a love letter to those bands and inspired them.

So far we have only this taste of Indigos but are hoping to hear more from this band soon.

Dig into "Always.Whenever.", you won't regret it.

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