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Holy Human Invades Your Brain

Holy Human has given us a damn near perfect garage rock record complete with a blissful energy and a bright and wild array of songs, instrumentation and stories.

The Assembly Of The Saints album crosses lines between fuzztone indie rock, classic rock, and an underground 90's rock style all in one beefy and slightly haunting record.

Songs grow around you as you listen on and you become persuaded to keep listening as each track brings something new to the table.

"Modern Day Jesus" feels like seeing a classic rock band play live. As a matter of fact, this whole album makes you want nothing more than to see this band play live right in front of you.

Organs, electro synths, and blistering rock guitars accompany the stylish vocal approach. The whole band has a certain attitude that really works.

Holy Humans is the epitome of arena rock if you ask me. And this alum is the pinnacle of what they are.

Upon listening to Assembly Of The Saints in full it does feel like a concept album of sorts.

The biggest thing you pick up on while you listen to these guys run the rock gambit throughout the records 8 tracks is that they had a shit ton of fun doing this.

It's obvious this was as much of a blast to create as it is to listen to.

Awesome fuzz rock at its youthful best!

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