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Hobbyist drops alternative synth-pop single "Neon"

A fresh banger just dropped from alt-pop dup Hobbyist and its a refreshing and colorful track coated in the bands edgy staple aesthetic and attitude.

"Neon" has a bit of a deep groove and is very bass driven with a live sound surrounded with a digital beat and swelling synths and whirl around you as haunting sounds start to build in the background.

The single has a vibe that makes you think of bands like The Kills with a great character vocally and experimental sounds scattered about throughout the songs atmosphere.

With a cinematic and a growing sound the song has a laid back feel but isn't without it's alternative undertone.

Guitars show up towards the end of its run and when it's ended, you sort of have to snap out of it for a moment.

"Neon" gives the vibe of 90's alternative-pop rawness almost like PJ Harvey did but a bit different. Hobbyist has their own brand of pop music. It is electo or synth pop but it's also a bit more.

The video for "Neon" is also amazingly 90's alternative as you take a trip with the band through city streets, into thrift shops, and hang out in cemeteries while the song plays through.

This is a killer single and it's enough for you to want to find out more about Hobbyist.

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