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Hizway Delivers A Genuine Single

A new single release from Hizway comes through with a unique and soulful approach that gives off a lush soundscape and honesty that pulls you in and keeps you right where it wants to all while the track gives you this gospel backbone and cinematic feel.

"Reign On Me" is a track that feels like it was maybe even cathartic for the artist to drop because it's very personal and it has self-reflection and elements of emotional drive that really make the song impactful and relatable for the listener as well.

It's that persona and character that he delivers throughout this track that really gets you and by the end of it you feel like you really understand what this track is about because he's sort of wearing his heart on his sleeves in a way.

He's opening up and letting things out and I think that's super important for an artist to do because you're taking things from your real life and putting them into song to get them off your chest because that's the only way you know how to do it as an artist.

The thing that makes Hizway different is the way he articulates the words that need to be expressed because I think that's the biggest thing with people in general.

A lot of times we feel things, but we don't know exactly how to express those feelings or emotions or thoughts into words.

Sometimes they're fleeting, sometimes they linger, but a lot of times we don't know how to let that out and for this artist he was able to articulate it in such a way that it's completely understandable.

So, by the end of the track, you feel like you know him a little bit better as a person and that's a rarity these days in any genre of music.

The track itself is really well produced and does both that more full-bodied feel with a sort of classic beat but with these again, gospel tonalities that help the song really drive that emotion even further and again, also bring that cinematic palette.

I'm a big fan of an artist that can come up with such great lyrical phrasing as this one does but also one that gives off something genuine and authentic because that in itself is a big part of what we're missing in music these days.

This track was very refreshing for me and will be for a lot of people because you'll be able to feel it.

We need more music that makes you think and that makes you feel.

This is a very important thing especially right now because a lot of people are feeling a lot of things and there are struggles in life that you go through no matter who you are.

Just to know that other people understand, and you may not be alone in whatever struggle you're going through is enough for you to push through it and it's artists like Hizway that help push that envelope whether or not he's doing it on purpose.

This was an excellent track that brings together a fresh Approach to blending a soulful undertone with a hip-hop overtone and taking an old-school soundscape and bringing it into a new school platform.

I'm going to be keeping an eye on this artist and look forward to whatever else he has coming our way.

I would give this a 9 out of 10.

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