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Hagen Brings The Fire With "That Was Then" EP

The latest EP from Hagen has arrived and it's a genre bending record with an aura all it's own.

The EP dubbed That Was Then is lush with R&B tones and sultry vocals along with some ambient a dream-esque production that, throughout the course of the records 6 tracks, breaks down boundaries.

Songs are loaded with shine and polish as Hagen's vocals become increasingly addicting with just the right amount of attitude and sex appeal.

Blending old school with a more current style of songwriting seems to be exactly what Hagen does best and has become a staple of his sound.

Scattered synths fill the air and the songs surround you and take you into his world for moments at a time while songs can give you a floating feeling.

One thing is for sure, Hagen brings all the fire with him on this record letting it all out and doing it with a realness that is rarely heard these days.

The EP comes through honest and heartfelt with a style good for a night at home or for the club.

A completely addicting EP, That Was Then is a surefire banger and there's plenty to add to the playlists on this one.

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Grant Watts
Grant Watts
Sep 22, 2022

Interesting thoughts, I really enjoyed your blog

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