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Gtarzee Drops A Rock Opus with The Nine Tracks Album

A new release from Gtarzee brings out the classic rock in all of us with some bright guitar tones and massive choruses that get you belting out right alongside with the artist from the first track on.

The album is dubbed Nine Tracks and songs range from hard hitting rock bangers to cinematic and powerful power ballads that are strung together with an orchestrated undertone and that includes tracks like his own take on "Ave Maria" rendered for a rock audience.

Songs also take a gritty bar blues turn and intermissions come in that are gorgeous acoustic pieces.

This album has a little something for everyone out there but for guitarists, it's perfection.

It's clear the artist is a guitar player at heart and that's likely where his musical journey began but to hear what it's grown into is quite a journey.

The songs are lush and full of heart and soul and with each new track brings something different to the table.

It's all quite fun and you can clearly hear the love Gtarzee has for his craft with every note played.

It's all performed with a great passion and a touch of whimsical fun underneath the surface.

It's very refreshing to hear an artist like this take his own path and do things the way he wants to.

These songs are freeing and fun and a record that's damn near perfect for any lover of pure rock n' roll.

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