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This Is Tess- "Rollercoaster" Single Premier

The world premier of the new single from This Is Tess brings takes a current radio pop feel and lines it with a 90's alternative edginess and comes through with a bright and powerful track.

"Rollercoaster" goes from pop beats and acoustic guitars to sudden bursts of heavy pop that pounds and stomps and it all works incredibly well.

The blurred line between genres is tasteful and the song leaves a wonderfully colorful aftertaste.

The video for "Rollercoaster" is gracefully choregraphed and delightfully impassioned showcasing not only the artists love for songwriting and singing, but also for dance and theater.

This is a strong release from This Is Tess and it's obvious she's clearing her own path in the pop world so we suggest you either join the party, or step aside.

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