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A Catchy Release From GrooveGalore Muzik

The latest single release from GrooveGalore Muzik hits a deep-rooted reggae rhythm and tone and features some outstanding guitar work to add a little bit of character and edginess to the track while the whole thing goes such a colorful atmosphere for you to just get surrounded by and this track feels awesome to listen to from beginning to end.

"Night By Night" has some well-produced soundscapes to it and the whole track has a way of sort of breathing and feeling alive as it plays because it goes through the sways and swells and a lot of those build into some of those great guitar solos that you hear.

You'll find yourself shaking your butt in your seat to that rhythm that is incredibly addicting, and one heck of a deep groove filled with lush instrumentation like horns that come through harmonious just as the vocals do.

What this track encompasses is such a beautiful energy that lets everything feel like it was recorded live on the floor because the players are just feeding off of each other the entire time.

This is a beautiful feeling and simply makes you want to go see this whole thing live in your face just because if the energy is captured on a recording this way.

The level of musicianship on this track is astounding and GrooveGalore Muzik teamed up with KasticK to sing on the track which really came together so naturally and so impactful that the only thing that can bring it up anymore would be Rudy Valentino Jr. on those lead guitars.

It certainly worked because this seems like a musical match made in heaven and upon listening to the track, I took a little bit of a deep dive into its origins and found that this was a track released on a Steely Dan record in 1974.

At this point, my mind was completely boggled because these guys had been able to take something so classic and rework it so that it had a refreshing tonality but also an ode to the original.

Pulling something like this off and doing it on this level takes a lot of heart and love for the craft of songwriting and performing.

Everyone on this record put everything they had into it and it came out with such a natural forward-moving flow that was colorful, vivacious, packed with persona, and blended that edginess in pretty much perfectly.

You have to love that mix of a sort of roots reggae feel with the tone of electric rock guitar and a soulful and bountiful vocal because when it all comes together it creates an atmosphere.

These guys took a track that was basically classic rock I put such a refreshing spin on it that it's breathed new life into it and I think that shows a 100% pure love for music itself as a whole.

These are the kinds of people we need releasing music right now.

Artists and musicians who take influence from classics and are afraid to put something out with fewer boundaries than people might be used to.

This is the kind of stuff that pushes the envelope just slightly so that you'll take notice and it works like a charm.

I'm giving this whole thing an 8 out of 10 without question.

Everything about it was very well executed and done with passion.

Take a listen to this and turn it up.

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