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Global Premier - Lost In Silence Covers "Heartless"

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Lost In Silence premiere their cover of Morgan Wallen's "Heartless" and it really has a way of getting under your skin.

The track mends rock and R&B together with soulful vocals and all with a cinematic tonality and a heartfelt performance.

Their version of "Heartless" is a bright burn and has a series of quite amazing guitars flowing around it at all times seamlessly.

It's a heartbreak song and the guitars have a way of crying as they whale on right up until the last second of the track.

You can hear the heavier side of the bands epicenter shine through as double kicks and crunchy guitars rock under the songs more mellow flow.

This one has a great catchiness to it that gets you wanting more quickly. The song comes and goes and you're kind of like "Ya know, let's play that again".

There is a lot of life in the song and the infusion of sounds and styles really gives Lost In Silence a unique feel.

"Heartless" is one for the playlists so have at it before 2021 gets here in a few hours cause hey, who knows what to expect.

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