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A new release from Gilbert Galindo Entices and Suprises

The latest release from Gilbert Galindo is a swirling and intensified set of works that come together in a confluent manner but also share their own chapters on their own in terms of emotion and texture.

Terrestrial Journeys is a wonderfully woven and experimental set of tracks performed with a variety of instrumentation both bowed and not that build these textures that come together and flow in a certain direction each time.

These are performed with a certain kind of energy and vibrancy that you normally don't get with musical pieces like these.

Each track seems to bear its own personal characteristics and tell different stories both haunting and enlightening.

There's definitely a spiritual element to this record that bleeds through with everything, and this is part of what wraps itself around you.

These songs are absolutely alive and a lot of them can have a way of surprising you and sort of lashing out at you at random times.

This is where that emotional sense comes from with this release.

These songs mean something, they tell stories and have a purpose. The performances are intricate, and dynamic has the soundscapes swell and fade at the drop of a dime.

You really don't know what to expect from one moment to the next so you kind of let the music take you where it needs to, and this is the element that lets you submit.

It is best to just submit to an album like this and let it do its thing because in the end it actually feels amazing to step into these different worlds before you come back to reality again.

The way the songs are composed and arranged are done with personality and plenty of emotional drive which is what in turn becomes the most infectious part of the entire thing.

This is really quite a beautifully woven release that took time and a lot of attention.

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