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Get Psychedlic With Victims Of The New Math

Victims of The New Math release an EP dubbed Groovy Tunes and it's not just a clever title.

The EP is indeed super groovy, and the songs are very classic rock inspired and dish out a killer lo-fi indie rock feel that makes you almost feel like you're watching them play live in a basement party show somewhere.

The release has a unique but familiar set of guitar tones and songwriting that seems like it was meant for a film based in the 1960's.

These songs are loose and fun and you can literally hear how much fun the band had creating these.

From bigger, acoustic based songs to short twangy rock bangers, this record has plenty to offer.

Now, the psychedelic rock vibrations are not just bound to this release.

Victims of The New Math have a set of releases dating back to 2006 on their Spotify page and if you're one who loves this kind of rock, there is more than enough for you there.

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