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Fretbenders Release Long Overdue

The musical collaboration of Diane Kordas and Robert Kordas, known as The Fretbenders, released their latest album, Long Overdue. With fifteen tracks rooted in blues, infused with folk and country elements, their musical canvas radiates warmth and accessibility. 

This collection of songs resonates with soulful melodies, inviting listeners to sway to its relaxed rhythms while also offering moments of introspection. It’s a combo I think that most people will appreciate.

The opening track, "Somebody Left Me With The Blues," effortlessly beckons with its mellow dance vibes. "Will You Be My Darlin' Anyway" stands as a poignant composition, delicately tugging at the heartstrings with its soft, contemplative aura. The lyrical poignancy, likening the singer to a flower or a bird, adds a layer of depth that resonates profoundly.

Certain tracks, such as "Bad Attitude" and "Small Town Girl," evoke a sense of tranquil comfort, akin to reclining on a hammock with a refreshing glass of lemonade in hand. Additionally, standout pieces like "Wandering Soul" and "Everything Is Free" expands on this type of energy.

The album's diverse instrumentation, featuring accordion, guitar, mandolin and more, creates an organic soundscape. The absence of distortion allows each element to breathe harmoniously which creates a lot of space to hear the nuances and subtleties of the instrumentation.

There are fifteen songs on this album and I felt like the songwriting was consistent and there was a proper pacing between songs, meaning they would have maybe a slower song followed by a higher energy song. Long Overdue stands as a testament to music's ability to soothe the soul and heal the heart. It's well crafted compositions and seamless cohesion offer a profoundly composed musical experience.

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