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Flora Algera - IDOLS

“IDOLS” is the latest single from the alternative rock musician known as Flora Algera. It’s hard to stand out as a new artist in such a competitive genre, especially when most music in this sub-genre of rock is so gentle and avant-garde, but Algera certainly throws her hat in the ring on this track.

A gently plodding drum beat and a soothing electric rhythm guitar progression guide the listener into a tender, emotive song. Algera’s vocals take prominence on the track — her delicate singing is the component of the track that really sells the song as a whole. There’s a fragility to it that I find really captivating. Even when the distortion steps up during the loud, chaotic choruses, her vocals remain tender and restrained. There’s a beauty to that; as a Radiohead fan, I’m often a fan of head-voice singing over chest-voice singing, and there’s plenty of that in this pretty song.

I also have to commend Flora Algera’s mixing and production skills. While her vocal and electric guitar performance serves as the meat of the track, I did appreciate lots of the little flourishes that help to lend substance to the song. The synth notes that whir in the distance give the track a fun indie feel, even when the melody feels melancholic and heartfelt; along with the punchy beat, these glitzy synths give the track a sense of joy and whimsy that keeps it from ever feeling somber — that’s what makes this song so enjoyable. A great effort from Flora Algera.

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