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Elephant Back Drops A Grunge-Rock Release And More

A recent album release from Elephant Back brings out a sort of classic vibe mixed with this subtle grunge tonality but woven into catchy pop songs that give off both power and color at the same time.

The Black Album LP both some very radio-friendly indie rock songs that are riddled with character and persona and boasts such perfect guitar tone and distortion that everything feels sort of alive and breathing in a way and I enjoyed that about this record because it gives you the sense that the instruments in the players are feeding off of each other almost like a live performance.

That kind of energy is not always easy to capture on record, but this really does an amazing job of making you want to see these songs live.

The track listing and Order of the songs also have this great sway and swell to it as you get slightly different vibes between each song while the record progresses.

Some tracks give way more drive and hard edginess but still burst into these catchy choruses while others have a more subtle and less heavy feel to them.

Either way, you're getting a lot of that character, and you can tell that these songs were put together by people who have a pure love for what they're doing, especially in terms of the craft of songwriting.

You kind of get the feeling that a lot of these songs come from someplace real which makes them a bit more authentic and genuine but really, it's that ability to create a record that has a hard sort of heaviness to it and still comes through with such a bright set of hooks and choruses that end up bouncing around in your brain for days after the songs have ended.

That combination in itself is pretty astounding and this is what makes me feel a little bit of nostalgia when I listen to them.

That 90s underground rock sound I mentioned earlier is evident here and is probably a big source of influence on this band.

The great thing about that is that they're able to capture a certain aesthetic with these songs and it's not cookie-cutter or unoriginal.

Another thing I noticed is that especially with this release, I feel like certain songs stand out as singles, however, listening to the record from top to bottom is certainly the way to go here.

I think this record was meant to be listened to as a whole and while we're on that topic they also released another record just after that called The White Album.

Now after listening to The Black Album, moving on to this one was a bit different because the songs weren't quite as grungy or hard-hitting.

The White Album focuses a lot more on the uplifted, clean, and catchy tonality and they do that damn well.

There are a lot of songs on this record that also catch your ear with a few being recorded at Abbey Road Studios.

On a personal note, I happen to like the tone and the edginess of The Black Album over this one but they both have so much to offer and what I was going to say earlier was if you're going to listen to The Black Album through then you should listen to The White Album just afterward.

All in all, I think it was all meant to be released as one big project but maybe because of the tonality differences between the two records they separated them.

Either way you go, you have plenty of awesome music to listen to here and they did an amazing job of arranging, composing, songwriting, and especially the performances and tones of what they wanted because again, that aesthetic is just nailed each time.

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