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Easy Rain

There are moments when the urge to dance takes over. While my heyday of hitting the dance floor may not be as frequent nowadays, drop a track by Easy Rain in the midst of a few drinks and I'll be the first one grooving. Easy Rain concocts heavy-hitting bangers that, according to the artist, intertwine elements from jam bands and new age. Yet, I'd venture to say that electronica, particularly club and trance vibes, also find their way into the mix. This artist excels at several aspects. The tracks are laden with bass-heavy grooves at every turn, complemented by meticulously treated guitars sporting effects that induce a meditative aura and a serene ambience. It might sound unconventional, but these vocal-free tracks have a dual purpose. They're perfect for igniting the dance floor, yet equally effective as a backdrop for achieving a flow state during work or concentration sessions. Easy Rain's recent output on major platforms has been nothing short of extraordinary. Exploring what the artist has unveiled this year is an immersive journey. I'd confidently assert that if a couple of their tracks resonate with you, the entire repertoire will captivate your appreciation. Dive into Easy Rain's music—it's an experience worth embracing.

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