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Dream & Indie Pop Love From Pet Dreams

Pet Dreams brightens up the pop playing field with a delightful and unique record that takes it's time to unfold at keeps to a promise of a beautiful playback and vitality that others might simply aim for.

Pet Dreams is the work of a songwriter named Ryan who stands at the helm of the project and takes the time to piece together songs with attention to detail and care for audio prowess.

The record is called Ocean View and it consists of songs that span from a classic indie pop sound to a more open spaced dream pop sound and there is a lot in between those two that it covers as well. And the genres it hits are all done with a fresh style and an open armed approach.

It's not hard to understand or hear the time and heart that must have gone into making this album and it's even less difficult to enjoy the songs.

Indie pop is a genre you hear thrown around a lot these days and when you do, you may think you know what to expect. But you rarely do in reality. The form of expression that comes from Pet Dreams is fantastic almost all the time as the album goes.

This is one pop record you will enjoy.

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